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Standards: DS Standards



Bibliographic as well as full text pdfs for Danish Standards.

The first 7 pages is free to view even without a full subscription.


Dansk Standard / DS Distribute in short

Type: Catalogue of standards ( Danish as well as Danish adapted, harmonized international standards is present in this catalogue )

Subject: Technical specifications, standardization, multi-disciplinary coverage

Content: Standards

Getting started with DS Distribute

The catalogue contains all Danish Standards as well as the European and international standards, which has been adopted and implemented in Denmark (i.e. DS/EN, DS/IEC or DS/ISO).

The complete catalogue of DS standards are searchable (enter numbers or keywords).

Via DS Standard Distribute it is possible to download DS standards in .pdf. The first 7 pages opens as a preview – to access the complete text press ‘Open full document’ (in the left-hand side of the preview screen).                                                         

In order to use DS Distribute and access the full text standards you need to have a DTU login and have connection to DTU network.

How to get access to DS standards:

  • Use this link:
    • (only first time users) First, you enter a login site (WAYF). Click ’ok’ as the consent of WAYF’ details
    • (only first time users) Secondly, accept GDPR data collection on DS website
  • Choose: ’From DTU: Click here to log on’ to access DS Distribute