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Reaxys - Beilstein/Gmelin/Patent Chemistry: About Reaxys


Reaxys in short

Type: Database of chemical compounds

Subject: Organic, inorganic and organometalllic chemical compounds

Content: Reaction and synthesis information, factual properties, and bio-sequences with related literature data

What's in Reaxys

Reaxys is designed by chemists for chemists and contains the most relevant reaction and substance data. Information on single- and multi-step reactions is deeply inidexed and complemented by a synthesis planner to fulfill criteria applicable to a research chemist's needs. Reaxys merges the content of three databases: the Beilstein Database (organic), the Gmelin Database (inorganic and organometallic), and the Patent Chemistry Database.

  • Reaxys contains validated experimental reaction and substance data extracted from trusted literature dating back to 1771, not available elsewhere.
  • Reaxys includes a synthesis planner allowing researchers to identify and combine selected reaction steps to generate the effective synthesis strategy
  • It uses "chemistry as organizing principle": clearly laid out substance or reaction profiles reducing time to get to the relevant results
  • Experimental procedure texts from patents reduce the need to go to the original document
  • Intelligent filter and ranking tools for finding the "best" hits fast
  • Direct links to Scopus (cited-by information) and to full-text documents
  • Multiple formats allow to export results, merge with other data or share data with colleagues
  • Commercial availability flags have direct links to chemical directories - synthesize or buy, whichever is more efficient

In Reaxys you can search for

  • substances by structure, chemical name, physcial property and more
  • single and multi-step reactions
  • citations from primary journal articles back to 1771