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Dictionaries: Dictionaries

A word on dictionaries ...

Dictionaries obviously provide definitions and/or translations of words and phrases and so enhance the understanding of a given text but they may also be useful tools for collecting search terms for an information search. 

In addition to the encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference works available via Findit, DTU Library provides access to a number of online dictionaries, including and Oxford English Dictionary. 

Moreover, there are plenty of free dictionaries, glossaries and reference works available online.  They wary in quality and coverage but may be well worth looking into. 

Please note that descriptions of dictionaries and encyclopedias of specific subjects (e.g. civil engineering or transport) may be found in the subject guide for that particular research area. 

And remember that DTU uses Oxford English as the University’s language standard at the corporate level. You may access the DTU English Style Guide via Portalen offline use

You can use offline if you install Ordbogsprogrammet3. In the attached guide you find the instructions for installation on both PC / Windows and Mac - in Danish. To install, you must either be on the DTU network or log in with WAYF, i.e. DTU login.