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Dansk Standard: DS Standard Distribute



The catalogue, DS Standard Distribute has two searchable collections.

The first collection is called "Mine Standarder" and contains all the standards, DTU Library already have bought access to and the second collection provides access to the complete DS collection from which DTU students or employees can ask for access.

Standards are available in PDF if and when they are bought.
Preview of 7 pages to standards not yet in stock.



Danish Standards in short

Type: A Catalogue that contains the complete collection of Danish Standards

Subject: Technical specifications, standardization, multi-disciplinary coverage

Content: Standards


What´s in DS Distribute

The catalogue contains all Danish Standards as well as European and international standards, which has been adopted and implemented in Denmark (i.e. DS/EN, DS/IEC or DS/ISO).

Since 2009 DTU Library have had an online subscription for electronic versions of the standards, and previous to this the Library bought the standards on demand in paper. This means that a lot of "old, but still valid standards" might be available for lending from our Open Stacks.

Getting access to the full text:

Danish Standards already bought can be downloaded in PDF format - you can locate them by a simple search on number or keywords (Mine Standarder). 
The complete catalogue (DS-samling) can also be searched and applied to the collection.  The first 7 pages on every standard are available for preview before ordering.
When fulltext is needed then click on the shopping cart icon and LOGIN by use of your DTU mail and a password of your choice before completing the purchase of the standard in question [ you need to register separately to the system before "shopping" ]  NOTICE: At the moment it is not possible to create a login to the DS website. Please email if you which to order standards.
A couple of days later you will receive an answer about your suggested purchase - at no cost for DTU Students or DTU Employees.



Danish Standards in paper

DTU Library have a collection of older Danish Standards (adopted, harmonised) in paper in our stock.

  • Danish Standard: 1927-2002
  • Danish Standard: from 2002 - 2012 ( an incomplete collection )
  • Danish Norm Agency publications: 1969-1992

Be aware that some of these standards may be outdated.
In the DS Distribute database you can look up the required standard and check the validity.  


Searching for these:

Newer DS standards can be searched via DTU Findit on both numbers and titles, but you cannot search the old collection by title, topic or exact number. You need to follow these steps:      

  1. Open DTU Library Printed Collections
  2. Choose to search in the TAB BOX called BROWSE INDEX - in here you look up terms and phrases in the alphabetical register of the database.
  3. In the box next to TYPE WORD (S), enter the title of the standard series. It is the full title, you must enter eg.: "Danish Standard DS/EN". Click on the button: BROWSE to send the request.
  4. Click on the desired standard series. Be aware that the same standard series can be divided into different parts, each covering a range of numbers.
  5. Click on the link: DTUBHOLDINGS, and the holdings displays a list of each number.
  6. Find the standard number you want to borrow - click on the number and REQUEST ITEM.
  7. If you are not logged in already, a pop up an image will appear and you must enter your borrower number / user ID and bar code / bar code. After this please Click SEND.
  8. You can choose to retrieve the standard yourself from the Library in building 101 at DTU, Lyngby or having it sent (.
  9. Click REQUEST ITEM.
  10. You have now ordered a standard.