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OECD iLibrary Statistics: About OECD iLibrary



All full-text papers and eBook chapters are provided in PDF format or as Read Online only.

Journal papers from 1997 are available in PDF.

Statistical data are available in PDF and XLS.

OECD iLibrary Statistics in short

Type: Online database of statistical information

Subject: Economics, Education, Environment, Industry & Services, Transport,Finance, Social Issues, Science and Technology, Energy, Taxation, Agriculture and more ....

Content: Tables and Graphs, 1100 datasets,  Articles, Working Papers, E-Books, and more

What's In OECD iLibrary Statistics?

OECD iLibrary Statistics provides access to databases and datasets, indicators/key tables and book series of statistics published by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

NB. you don't have access to statistics and books published by the International Energy Agency (IEA).