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Derwent Innovations Index: Derwent Innovations Index


Derwent Innovations Index in short

Type: Database of patents

Subject: Chemical, electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering

Content: Patent applications and issued patents from 40+ patent issuing agencies worldwide

What's in Derwent Innovations Index?

  • 30+ million patents from 1963 - current, updated on a weekly basis
  • re-written descriptive patent titles and abstracts
  • standardized unique assignee names for 21,000 companies worldwide
  • access to full-text and images for most patents
  • examiners' cited patents and related literature

Why use Derwent Innovations Index?

  • Makes searching with keywords more effective through enhanced titles and abstracts
  • Translates into English the key aspects of non-English language patents
  • Provides detailed, value added abstracts covering the novelty, claims, and technical focus
  • Provides links to the full-text of most patents
  • Provides links to patents and journal articles that are related to the displayed patent record, i.e. Examiner and Inventor Cited and Citing patents and articles
  • Includes patent family information whick tracks the same invention through countries
  • Provides Cited Patent Search
  • Analyze a search result to find the top Assignees, Inventors, Subject Areas, and Class Codes (International Patent Classification and Derwent Class Codes)