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Kemibrug ( incl. other chemical substance fact databases ): Kemibrug


Managed by ....

Kemibrug is maintained by The Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen University, Aalborg University and the University of Southern Denmark.
The primary activities takes place at The Technical University of Denmark - in the Section of Working Environment.

The quality assurance is maintained by a reference group that consist of laboratory technicians, researchers and working environmental experts from the four universities.
Want to know more, please check out this Handout

Getting started

How to use the system:

You can search by use of CAS number or by name of the chemical substance. But remember, that the database only contains toxicology information for approximately 11000 chemical properties.

If you need information on other chemical substances you can use Scifinder, Toxnet, CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics or other systems to locate the needed information.

The interface to Kemibrug is in both danish and english.

kemibrug search interface


The database contains about 11000 chemical instructions, incl. CLP calculator  (with classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures) as well as other physical and chemical data to the properties. Only searchable for students and employees at organisations that contribute to the development of Kemibrug.

The instructions in CLP are according to the current legislation.

Most of the instructions are in Danish, but about one third is in English, and more are being added bit by bit.