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DTU Findit (Public version): About

Search millions of academic articles from tens of thousands scientific journals in Science, Technology and Medicine; Get easy and fast access to the full-text articles available at


Using Findit with or without login 

DTU Findit combine and expose a lot of freely available material as well as material which can only be read after paying a fee.

1. If you are a DTU Student or Staff

DTU already covered the fee for its employees and students.  It is therefore strongly recommended, that DTU staff and students log in to DTU Findit to take advantage of free access to all the resources. Including DTU Library Printed Collections

 DTU Findit tries very hard to make you do so.  

On your first visit, DTU Findit will try to identify you as a DTU student or staff and make you login.  If sucessful, DTU Findit will remember this choice for any subsequent visit, and authenticate you upon your arrival (through normal DTU SingleSignOn) and then you are logged in.

 1.1 On your first visit to DTU Findit

DTU Findit will check your browsers IP address

If it falls within the range allocated by DTU, DTU Findit will

  • redirect you to login
  • make the most likely authentication option (through DTU Single Signon) very obvious for you
  • when you choose this, redirect you to DTU SingleSignOn

If it does not fall within the range allocated by DTU, DTU Findit have no intelligent guess as to if you are a DTU student or staff member. DTU Findit will then

  • redirect you to login
  • Indicate the appropriate choice of authentication for DTU student and Staff at the very top (DTU SingleSignOn) while allowing visitors not affiliated to DTU to login through other means.
  • if you choose the DTU authentication method, redirect you to DTU SingleSignOn

 1.2 On subsequent visits to DTU Findit

Once you have succesfully authenticated yourself in DTU Findit using DTU SingleSignOn, DTU Findit will make your browser remember this, and you will - on every subsequent visit to DTU Findit from this browser - be forced through DTU SingleSignOn-based authentication before using DTU Findit.  Just as with any other DTU application (portalen, campusnet, etc)

 2. If you are a not DTU Student or Staff

DTU Findit offer you to sign in using a selection of social networks for authentication.  If you are a user of one of these, you may use your credentials from that network to authenticate yourself and thereby create an identity (account) with DTU Findit and login.

You may also choose to create an account by signing up, filling out a few necessary informations about yourself.

DTU Library Printed Collection: In order to borrow books in print you have to register using NemId. An optional part of creating your account

Or you may choose to use DTU Findit unauthenticated.

It's all up to you.

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DTU Findit is DTU Library's latest search, discover and delivery layer, which makes accessible to end-users STM-relevant bibliographic data from all major STM publishers, a selection of abstract and indexing databases as well as a selection of open access repositories.

Search access is provided through a fully automated acquisition, processing and indexing operation, and delivery access is done through a variation of ways in which the user can access the fulltext and/or related material.  

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