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Altinget ( independent news related to danish government and legislation ): About Altinget Databases


Subject Coverage - Major areas of coverage include:
  • The Labour market
  • Energy
  • EU
  • Research and innovation
  • Food and nutrition
  • Environmental issues
  • Social welfare
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Education and learning
  • USA
  • Christiansborg / governance
  • Infrastructure
  • Town planning
  • Housing
  • Welfare technology

Dates of Coverage
The began in the year 2000

Update Frequency
Daily - news media

What is is an independent news service that aims to increase the readers' political information level by providing news and headlines from the danish governmental issues and debates. consists of 14 different portals, DTU Library provide access to 8 of these in full text - the remaining 6 can be viewed by headlines only..
The articles focuses on news and relevant politics within the subjects, and are well written.

In Danish ONLY


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